Must Do’s for the 100 Days of Summer

Visitors will be flocking to the beaches this summer for a little rest and relaxation. The 100 Days of Summer are a time to create happy memories while swimming, basking in the sun and enjoying spending time with family and friends.

Start planning your summer today so you don’t miss out on area activities and attractions. In order to see and do as much as possible during the 100 Days of Summer, we have composed a list of Must Do’s for your Coastal Alabama 100 Days of Summer beach getaway.

C Spire Concert Series – With acts like Dave Mathews Band, Eric Church and The Steve Miller Band, The Wharf is going to be jamming all summer long.  The C Spire Concert Series is presenting a lineup that is sure to entertain.

Independence Day – The skies in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach light up during July 4th with stunning fireworks from The Beach Club on Fort Morgan Road all the way to Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach. The Gulf State Park and The Wharf also host extravagant firework displays.

Summertide Theatre presents: Ring of Fire – The music of Johnny Cash will be performed by The University of Alabama’s professional summer theatre, SummerTide.  Performances are every Tuesday through Sunday evening from June 5- July 3. ‘Walk the line’ to Gulf Shores to see Johnny Cash’s music come to life at the George C. Meyer Performing Arts Center in Gulf Shores.

The Blue Marlin Grand Championship – The greatest show in sportsfishing will once again present the over-the-top weigh-in for The Blue Marlin Grand Championship a the Wharf July 7-12.  Named one of the top 20 events in the Southeast, The Grand Championship befits the St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

100 Days of Summer at The Wharf – The Wharf is hosting an entertaining summer filled with events and concerts including the nightly Spectra light shows beginning at 8:30pm. Kids’ night is every Wednesday night in the Palm Plaza next to the Ferris wheel. It is Free to the public with bouncy houses, face painting, hair wraps an
d more.

We suggest you retreat to the beautiful beaches of Alabama for the 100 Days of Summer.  Create happy memories in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and take advantage of the many coastal activities and events. Please let us know what is on your must do list for the summer.

Fireworks TBC Clubhouse


5 of Our Favorite Water Sports

Where is the best place to go when the temperatures are on the rise and school lets out? Most people say the beach, and we do too! There is something refreshing about submerging yourself in the cool waters of Coastal Alabama on a hot summer day.

As we all know too well in the Southeast, humidity goes up along with the summer temperatures and it’s hard to keep the kiddos entertained outside when it is so hot. You can have the best of both worlds with a few of our favorite Water Sports.

Paddle boarding – Stand up paddling (SUP) has taken the Gulf Coast by storm. Even though it is an excellent source of exercise, it is also fun for the entire family.  Paddle boarding is best in water with unbroken swells and can be operated by sitting, kneeling or standing.

Fly boarding – If you haven’t heard of fly boarding, then you are missing out. A foot mounted board connects to a wave runner with a hose that redirects the water to propel two jets on the bottom of the board creating lift off! Let Flyboard Bama fly you through the sky.

Kite Boarding – Although Kite Boarding requires some skill, there are classes and courses you can take so you can have a bird’s eye view of the Gulf Coast. We recommend kite boarding for thrill seekers and water sport adventurers who aren’t afraid to soar through the sky at the mercy of the wind.

Parasailing – It is a beautiful site to see as a participant and as on onlooker.  It is like watching a hot air balloon but a completely different experience. The rush associated with gliding through the air with your feet dangling is incomparable.

Kayaking – For the water lovers who are less adventurous, we recommend a quiet kayaking trip to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Mother Nature. Coastal Alabama is known for the Back Bay fishing and water sports like canoeing and kayaking.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe summer. Remember to adhere to the beach flag safety warnings, apply sunscreen several times a day and stay hydrated.

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What is the Clean Bed Guarantee at Spectrum Resorts?

What is the Clean Bed Guarantee at Spectrum Resorts?

We have stayed in many hotels and resorts on our travels and growing up I always rented a condominium on the beach but I have never stayed at a nicer, friendlier resort than with Spectrum Resorts. One might ask how do you make a difference with something that you are already leading the industry. They have done it again with the Clean Bed Guarantee! 

What is it? 

The Clean Bed Guarantee is where Spectrum Resorts will have a fresh, comfortable white duvet that has been laundered upon your arrival. The secrets behind the scenes at other resorts would probably shock us all, however one of the things that I always look for when booking a stay somewhere are the styles of the linens. You can usually get a pretty good idea from the pictures displayed on the resorts website or across third party sellers.

Of course you are not going to know if the linens are clean and at your expected standards until you arrive. Spectrum Resorts takes out the guessing and they guarantee that you will have a clean bed and a comfort level unlike anything else you have experienced before.

What it feels like? 

When we walked in the door at Turquoise Place everything was bright and clean and very modern. Our bed was gorgeous and so comfortable. I can tell you, now that I know the difference, when you walk into a room that doesn’t have fresh and clean linens you will know it!

We were so exhausted from driving 8 hours to Orange Beach that the minute we got to Turquoise Place we relaxed in bed and the smell of freshness and the comfort level of the bed was immaculate.

After staying at Turquoise Place, I can now say that long gone are the days where I walk into a hotel room expecting anything less than a Clean Bed Guarantee. Unfortunately not all resorts follow this policy, but thankfully we experienced Spectrum Resorts and can now attest that this is a huge selling point for any prospective visitors.


We had an amazing stay at Turquoise Place and no I don’t think it was just because they laundered our sheets. However, I think that when you stay somewhere that has a policy like the Clean Bed Guarantee in place, you know that cleanliness will not be an issue.

Of course Turquoise Place is so much more than just a clean resort. Instead it offers a variety of amazing amenities and features that will make you not want to leave! I would highly recommend making a reservation here to see exactly what a ‘concerned resort’ looks like, and how differently you are treated than any alternative accommodation.