The Clean Bed Guarantee

Don’t share your bed with strangers.

It’s the vacation rental’s dirty little secret. Sheets and pillow cases are washed after each guest departure, but comforters are often only washed twice per year or, sometimes, even less. That means you could be sharing the covers with hundreds of strangers between washings. Spectrum Resorts is revolutionizing the vacation rental industry with our Clean Bed Guarantee.

Every Spectrum Resorts vacation rental is furnished with a crisp and comfortable white coverlet that is laundered after each guest departure so you can rest assured knowing your bed is clean and awaiting your arrival. We are proud to be the only vacation rental provider on the Alabama Gulf Coast that can boast a truly clean bed for our guests. The Clean Bed Guarantee is our latest addition to the Spectrum Advantage, and another reason why only Spectrum Resorts can provide a truly hassle and worry-free vacation experience.

What is the Clean Bed Guarantee? Were the beds not cleaned prior to this change?
The Clean Bed Guarantee is Spectrum Resorts’ promise that each guest bed will be made with a freshly cleaned coverlet and linens prior to your arrival. While the sheets and pillowcases have always been laundered for each guest stay, common practice for vacation rentals is to typically launder the comforters only once or twice per year. Spectrum Resorts is not comfortable with the frequency that comforters are laundered, and we feel that every guest deserves to experience a truly clean bed so we decided to make a change. The Clean Bed Guarantee means that each Spectrum Resorts vacation rental will be furnished with a freshly laundered coverlet for every guest arrival. We are proud to be the only rental management company of the Gulf Coast that can provide a truly clean bed for each of our guests.

Are all rooms at The Beach Club furnished with a clean coverlet for every arrival?
No. While Spectrum Resorts does manage the majority of vacation rentals at The Beach Club, there are accommodations that are provided by other rental management companies. Only the rentals managed by Spectrum Resorts will be guaranteed a freshly laundered coverlet for each guest arrival. Accommodations that are provided by other management companies will likely be furnished with comforters that are laundered once to twice per year.

How will the coverlet change the look of my rental unit?
All rentals will maintain their individual decorations that make each one unique to suit your individual tastes. Only the comforters and pillows on each bed will be replaced with a white coverlet and pillow cases to allow for laundering prior to each guest arrival.


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